The GENECBR's development team is formed by:

Research Groups

SING: Next Generation Computer Systems Group

The Next Generation Computer Systems Group (SING, Sistemas Informáticos de Nueva Generación) brings together a reduced number of researches with the aim of developing intelligent models and deploying them in real environments. The expertise of the members comes from different areas related with previous research in developing symbolic, connexionistic and hybrid AI systems, solving security problems, administration of networks, e-commerce, VoIP, implementation of web applications and developing systems working with documental data bases. The projects carried out by the SING group always follow a practical point of view, but taking into consideration the formal aspects needed in any research work. Indeed, most interesting techniques employed in previous works cope with the utilisation of case-based reasoning, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, rough sets, intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.

BISITE: Biomedicine, Intelligent Systems and Educational Technology Group

The Biomedicine, Intelligent Systems and Educational Technology Group (BISITE), is a team of researchers interested in the development and implementation of Intelligent Computing Systems. BISITE is characterized by being a group that covers many different areas of study. Our members are computing experts, biologists, pharmacists, physicists, oceanographers and economists. Another important feature of the group is that our members belong to several universities and research institutions. The work BISITE has carried out is largely practical, but we never forget the theoretical aspects, essential for every research carried out. Technological innovation is also applied in the field of education and teaching, both at an undergraduate and a postgraduate level. In this sense, the developed techniques and educational tools, useful for both students and teachers, have been based on intelligent systems and mathematical models. The projects carried out by BISITE are related with intelligent systems, agent and multi-agent systems, biocomputing, educational technology, oceanography...

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